Legacy Immigration, L.L.C.

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Client Legacy Immigration, L.L.C.
Skills Website Design, Marketing

Project Description

Legacy Immigration, L.L.C. is a law firm in the Washington D.C. area. Being a child of immigrant parents herself, their founding attorney, Dawn C. Sequeira, Esq., understands her clients. By infusing her story and passion into her website and marketing, her clients can identify with her story and they trust her with their own American Dream.

Here is what she had to say about us.

“I Highly Recommend Dustin Cannon Marketing”

“I signed up with Dustin in late 2015. Over the past several years, I have spoken with and bought the services of the “big players” in the field. The result- failed promises. So when I first spoke to Dustin, I expected him to be like all the rest. Boy, was I wrong!

I have no words to describe Dustin’s services. Apart from his lightning fast responses to my correspondence and his unbelievable turnaround time, Dustin has always maintained a level of professionalism that I truly respect. He does what he says and what he says works! He is innovative and “ahead of the curve” when it comes to new ways to market a small business.

For those of you who are wary, you do not have to worry, as he does not reel you in with a contract. He believes that if he does not produce the result you want, then there is no reason that you should continue to pay him.

Dustin has a permanent client with me and I will pay whatever fee he asks (although he is very reasonable). Services promised by other large companies have charged thousands of dollars; Dustin charges a fraction of the same.

I have referred his services to everyone I know. There is no cap to the amount of money I would pay him for his services. He is one in a million. If you do not sign up with him, you are simply shooting yourself in the foot.”

Dawn C. Sequeira, Esq.
Legacy Immigration, LLC
10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750 Bethesda, MD 20817
Phone: 301-529-1912