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“I have recently become a client of Dustin Cannon. He is incredibly brilliant and creative.

Dustin is also very helpful in educating me about the different options available today to help promote my business through the web and You Tube channels. I look forward to continuing to have my business prosper and grow with Dustin’s guidance.”

Linda Piff, Esq.
Law Office of Linda L Piff,LLC.

Linda L. Piff, Esq., Collaborative Divorce Attorney

“The First Online Marketer To Actually Come Through On His Promises”

I met Dustin by chance in a fit of desperation. I have gone through no less than 5-6 online marketers each promising untold of leads all the time raiding my wallet. Dustin assured me of his plan.

I congratulate Dustin as the FIRST online marketer to actually come through on his promise. Dustin is a sincere man and I TRUST his word on what the next steps ought to be. I can’t think of a better compliment than to say this is an honest businessman who will help you with your online ranking issues.

John A. Patti, Esq.
Certified by the Supreme Court
of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Trial Attorney

John A. Patti, Esq., Divorce Attorney

“Dustin Cannon Has Tripled My Income”

“I signed up with Dustin in late 2015. Over the past several years, I have spoken with and bought the services of the “big players” in the field. The result- failed promises. So when I first spoke to Dustin, I expected him to be like all the rest. Boy, was I wrong! Dustin Cannon Has Tripled My Income I have no words to describe Dustin’s services. Apart from his lightning fast responses to my correspondence and his unbelievable turnaround time, Dustin has always maintained a level of professionalism that I truly respect. He does what he says and what he says works! He is innovative and “ahead of the curve” when it comes to new ways to market a small business.

Dustin has a permanent client with me and I will pay whatever fee he asks (although he is very reasonable). Services promised by other large companies have charged thousands of dollars; Dustin charges a fraction of the same.

I have referred his services to everyone I know. There is no cap to the amount of money I would pay him for his services. He is one in a million. If you do not sign up with him, you are simply shooting yourself in the foot.”

Dawn C. Sequeira, Esq.
Legacy Immigration, LLC
10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750 Bethesda, MD 20817

Dawn C. Sequeira, Esq., Legacy Immigration, LLC

5 New Clients and 7 Top 10 Rankings

Not only do I now have 7 top 10 rankings on Google. I have gotten at least 5 new client phone calls today and when I have asked them how they heard about me, it was from GOOGLING ME!!! They said they just typed immigration law richmond and my name popped up!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Naureen F. Hyder, Founding Attorney
Hyder Immigration Law
5402 Glenside Drive, Suite D
Richmond, VA 23228

Naureen F. Hyder, Esq., Hyder Immigration Law

“I’m Impressed. We Are Ranked on Page #1 of Google Beating Out Over 1.6 Million Competitors!”

I’m impressed. Three months ago my medical practice was not even in the top 500 search results and now we are ranked on the first page of Google for our target keyword phase beating out over 1.6 million competitors. You really know your stuff when it comes to search engine marketing.

Thank you!

Dr. Marco Vargas DPM
Foot & Ankle Associates

Dr. Marco Vargas DPM, Foot & Ankle Associates

Keep up the great work. The keywords you suggested with your articles & submission now have me on 2nd page of google in less than 3 months of work, when before I was nowhere to be found! Awesome job

We’ve always worked off referrals, but I knew I was missing business online, as I myself use the internet for personal and business needs.

I now have diversification with my marketing and will no longer miss my share of business from those who research and shop online.

Thanks a ton!

Marlon Allen, President

Marlon Allen, President, Wood & Floors Outlet

So Good I Thought I Had Written It Myself

“As an attorney with 30 years experience, I have high standards for the content I publish on my website. Dustin is an excellent writer. The truth is the first time he wrote for me it was so good I thought I had written it myself.”

C. Catherine Jannarone, Esq.
30 Freneau Avenue, Suite 1B
Matawan, New Jersey 07747

C. Catherine Jannarone, Esq., Divorce Attorney

You were a great find Dustin. Thanks for all your valuable help!!

Elizabeth M. Giordano “Betsy”
RE/MAX Gateway Realtors
1500 Allaire Ave Ste 103
Ocean, NJ 07712

Elizabeth M. Giordano “Betsy, RE/MAX Gateway Realtors

“I highly recommend Dustin Cannon Marketing. My collaborative practice group hired Dustin to design their website, and I have worked closely with him throughout the process. In my opinion, Dustin is the ultimate professional. He thoroughly explained options and the different scenarios he could offer, based on our budget. He never rushed us and was always available to answer our questions, by email and conference calls. He was easily accessible and approachable, provided the guidance we needed to keep us on track, and forwarded deliverables to us before their due dates. He has a vast knowledge of practical online marketing,website design and social media, and never hesitated to share his opinions with us. He is trustworthy and dependable, and does not think twice about going that extra mile to help his clients succeed. I highly recommend him.”

Karen P. Sampson, Esq., APM
Attorney | Accredited Professional Mediator | Collaborative Practitioner

Karen P. Sampson, Esq., APM, Attorney | Accredited Professional Mediator | Collaborative Practitioner

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New Jersey divorce attorney, John A. Patti, who is now regularly featured on NBC, CBS, Fox News, WWOR-TV, News 12 and elsewhere once told me that within only a few months I was directly responsible for getting him a new client that more than paid for our an entire year of my service.

I understand that you need real results from your online marketing that can be measured in dollars and cents. You want more clients not promises. Please call me on my cell at 434-270-5914 or submit the form and let’s talk about your business.


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